Money Blueprint 2 – You in This Life


VALUE: $400
Week 2 Money Blueprint – YOU IN THIS LIFE​

This is a 4-week brand new channeled Masterclass tailored to radically shift all aspects of you, including your financial destiny in connection with your soul purpose and soul gifts.

In this session, you’re looking into the blueprint programmed to you in the first 7 years of your life. What is the money mindset that you grew up with?

You’re going to change the money blueprint programmed to you by deleting negative core money beliefs, installing a new money mindset, and creating new neural pathways in your brain that focuses on prosperity and abundance.

You’re also going to examine your money blueprint rooted in childhood to resolve your money issues.

How does this session radically shift your life?

♥ You heal your relationship with money, so you start to cultivate a positive attitude and behavior towards money.

♥ You form new mental constructs, beliefs, and associations around money – you set a new money blueprint, redefine money and success, and rewrite your money scripts.

♥ You become aware of any unsupportive thoughts about money, allowing you to refocus on gratitude and feeling of inner wealth.

This Masterclass is a deep multi-dimensional healing opportunity, an energy-based subconscious and soul work to access, activate, and clear your Blueprint programming, lining you up with the highest path that best fulfills you in this lifetime, so you can truly co-create your most flourishing and abundant life.

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