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Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love Series.


A 12-week series designed to stop the pain, struggle, lack of joy, disconnection, ill-health, lack of love, and dissatisfaction that has dominated the human experience.

A Life-Shifting, Ground-Breaking Series Channeled by the Masters, Fueled by God

Since the dawn of time, humanity has lived under false pretenses and false belief systems.

As a result, we’ve lived with programs that affect our thoughts, emotions, and choices.

All of them have created false realities one after another.

Humanity has been shaped by flawed and even outright wrong programming, as a result, it has created a world based on myths that we believed to be true.

Without fixing the foundation of our subconscious programming, it is impossible to achieve real harmony within ourselves and with the world.

Look around you… it looks like hell on earth. Look at the world we live in today…it’s full of pain, revenge, materialism, hate, toxicity, disease, unhappiness…

Is this how it’s supposed to be or is there another way?

In this 12-part series, here’s how your life will magically be changed…

Long ingrained mind programs will be shattered and cleared

  • Ineffective beliefs will be removed and re-integrated under the influence of the Light and
  • Love of God.
  • Healing from the beginning of your Earth time will occur.
  • DNA harmonious to the True New Matrix will switch on
  • You will be moved into a New Reality.


  • The 12-week worth of mind-blowing Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love video series. Approximately 12 hours of videos.
  • MP3 version that you can listen to any time
  • E-book taken from the twelve week course , you will learn very valuable techniques which can be used to disconnect you from the crazy mind matrix that most of the world finds itself trapped in.
  • 6 Guided Meditations to release and clear out any remaining energies and traumas; can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health.
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