Sometimes, we unintentionally plant a seed of unwanted circumstances and experiences in our future timeline through our thoughts and emotions. 

Believe me, you were born with infinite future possibilities. There are an infinite number of you in your future timelines, going through different situations and circumstances, making different choices and experiencing different outcomes, and vibrating at different bandwidth of  frequencies. As to which future timeline you are going to experience in your current reality depends on the energy that you put out in the NOW, in the conscious awareness of your present. 

But, sometimes you plant unwanted circumstances and experiences in all your future timelines unknowingly and unintentionally, and they might manifest in your reality at a perfect opportune time. 

Have you ever wondered about a particular experience, about how it would feel like or what if it would happen to you, and you go on imagining scenarios of that experience a lot of times? This wondering, however insignificant it may seem, may become your point of attraction, may become the seed of manifestation that you plant into your future timelines. Your thought, your imagination, is a powerful force that can simultaneously affect all versions and realities of you out there. You know what they say: Be careful what you wish for, because the universe is listening. 

Before I’ll share my story, think of a time when you wonder about a painful or terrifying experience, you clearly don’t want this experience to happen to you, but you’re thinking “what if it will happen to you?” way more than you should, you might be placing this experience into all of your future timelines. Because our minds are like computers, ideas that we think more often will automatically be downloaded into our subconscious mind. If it’s a fleeting thought, no problem, but if it’s a frequent thought that is already causing you emotion, it might become a seed. 

This is why I offer to clear your future timelines, so that unwanted circumstances and experiences that you might have unintentionally put into your timelines will no longer manifest in your current reality. Because we see a lot of things from social media, from the news, or even from our community. We see a lot of people suffering from violence, diseases and disorders, poverty, or crimes. Sometimes we plug into these undesirable experiences and we think what if we’re one of those victims, making us angry towards the cause or the perpetrator, or making us really afraid for ourselves and for our family. 

So, clearing your future timelines will release you from these unwanted circumstances and experiences. All the programs that don’t serve the highest good of the “future you” will be cleared, including those undesirable ideas you’ve picked from social media and from your immediate environment. 

My Story

Many years ago, my dad broke his leg and he had a cast on his right foot and he couldn’t do anything. He had to be driven around and everything was done for him.

I have always been super independent and I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 16 and I remember thinking, “I wonder what that would be like?”. I remember thinking about it a couple of times.

I also used to move a lot to different places and was tired of moving. Moving was a lot of work. I bought a house and I was in escrow. And I kept thinking I don’t want to do the move and I don’t want to do the move, it’s just too much and the thought of paying someone to do the move for me was out of my consciousness. So while in escrow, I went paintballing with my son and I fell down and I broke my leg. I sucked on crotches that I almost crashed several times. My sons would catch me midair and I ended up in a wheelchair.

So at the opportune time I was able to have the experience which is the same with my dad’s. What is it like to have people take care of me? So, I had movers move me when they closed escrow and I had my experience of people having to take care of me.

A few years before that, date rape drugs were huge and a lot of women were getting drugged and raped. This was about 2001 or 2003, I don’t remember, but I remember thinking about that and I wonder what that’s like.

Well, I had the experience. I’m not going to go into details but I had that experience and I learned what that was like.

See, we put these things in our future timeline without knowing that we’re doing it. So a couple years ago I discovered that we can actually clear our future timelines of the things we unknowingly programmed ourselves with.

Clearing your future timelines with Sacred Activations

Yes, clearing your future timelines with Sacred Activations can make a huge difference in your whole life. Sacred Activations will delete those unwanted programs of experiences in your timelines, so they no longer have to appear in your reality. 

Social media has exposed us to so many human experiences that we don’t want to happen to us – chronic illnesses, violence and crimes, or poverty.  I don’t ever want to experience these in my life.I want these things cleared out from my future timelines. So, clearing future timelines with Sacred Activations will release all these undesirable ideas from our subconscious mind. What doesn’t exist in your subconscious can’t exist in your reality. 

What Sacred Activations do is change, rewrite, and upgrade all your subconscious programming, including those belief systems, childhood conditioning, and yes, the ideas you’ve picked from your environment. The Activations are powered by the Source Energy and they only work towards your highest good and those programs that don’t serve you will be stripped from you. These energies are intelligent and they keep shifting you to higher consciousness until your default vibration is that of peace, joy, and love. 

Also, when clearing your future timelines, you allow all your desired experiences to take place. This will give you the opportunity to manifest everything you want into your life. This will not only clear you out from all those unwanted circumstances and experiences that you might have unintentionally programmed yourself with, but it will also bring in your power to create and manifest experiences that match your heart’s desires. 

So, why let those bad seeds grow when we can sprout the seeds of infinite opportunities towards our life of heaven-on-earth. 

The Great Awakening series includes clearing your past, present, and future timelines from the subconscious programming that limits and disempowers you. Shifting your timelines is a transformative and expansive work. You will be moved towards your higher timelines where your experiences are amazing and incredible. Now, are you up to making a difference in your whole life?


The Great Awakening
Week 5- The Art Of Manifestation

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The Great Awakening

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