The DNA molecule, found in every living cell, is often referred to as “the blueprint of life” by the scientists, because it carries instructions necessary for growth, development, survival, and reproduction. But there’s much more to our biological DNA than just a carrier of genetic code. 

According to geneticists, our genetic blueprint is made up of less than 2% of the human genome that has a known purpose – used to encode for proteins. The remaining 98.5% of DNA sequences is considered as “Junk DNA”, on which scientists long thought useless. However, new research has revealed that this so-called junky non-protein-coding double-helix 3D genetic structure is never junk at all! 

Our biological DNA is actually embedded with dormant vibratory information and genetic potential, connecting us to our spiritual DNA. While our biological DNA is our identity at a cellular level, our spiritual DNA makes up our identity as a spiritual being and carries our divine gifts and spiritual talents that largely sit dormant within us. 

So, what will happen if this huge part of DNA is unlocked and activated? Can you imagine what possibilities will be within your reach when you awaken this sleeping giant of power in which you are made of?

DNA Activation

As the name suggests, DNA Activation is meant to activate aspects of Junk DNA and awaken the dormant potential encoded in all the 40 strands of DNA within your being. Just imagine the copious amount of untapped information you are able to access if you activate that 98.5% Junk DNA. 

Unwrapping your divine gifts starts at the molecular level, and from there you ascend to your spiritual DNA, switching on your healing abilities, your intuitive and psychic talents, and you may even experience miracles, limitless opportunities, and faster manifestations in your life.

Here are 5 astonishing things that will happen when you activate your Junk DNA. The positive effects of DNA Activation are extensive, but here I highlight its key benefits. It does not only impact your physical and emotional health, but it will also open you to a profound spiritual progression. 


  1. Awaken your natural healing power
    We are all inner healers. We just forget that we are. The process of DNA Activation will tap into your self-healing abilities – boosting your immune system, reducing aches and pains, increasing your healing speed and emotional resilience, and healing depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and negative emotional patterns.

    Because your body, mind, and spirit are connected, activating your DNA does not only impact your physical health, but it also works on emotional, psychological, and spiritual blocks that keep you from achieving a wholly healthy life.   

  2. Strengthen your intuitive abilities and creativity
    As you move from your biological DNA to your spiritual DNA, you’ll be able to discover your “clair” gifts, intuitive intelligence, and creative source. This will bring forward your true potential – your natural strengths, your innate power, your uniqueness.


  3. Connect you with your Higher Self
    DNA Activation does not end at the molecular level, it goes beyond your cells. Your spiritual DNA is an energetic life force connected to your soul consciousness, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into your divine essence and to access the highest version of yourself that serves as your best guide for a meaningful experience here in the physical plane.

  4. Increase your manifestation of abundance in all levels
    Among the dormant gifts that will be unlocked is your manifestation ability. Over time, it will be easier for you to bring the things you focus on to physical reality through conscious thoughts, positive feelings, and empowering beliefs with a realization that true richness lies in how you live your life with purpose, meaning, and sense of fulfillment. 

  5. Clear the genetic karmic patterns of your past and future
    This process will release the emotional, experiential, cognitive, and ancestral memories stored in your DNA that trap you in negative, limiting, and destructive patterns. With your DNA activated, you will notice that you will no longer be pulled towards the ancestral beliefs, programs, illnesses, or circumstances that stuck you in a karmic cycle. 

How will you activate your DNA?

There are several methods and techniques you can use to supercharge your DNA Activation process. Among them are loving-kindness meditation, sound frequencies and binaural beats, affirmations and intentions, or psychedelics. There are also modalities that alter the frequency of your vibration and subsequently can activate your DNA to vibrate at a higher level.

Activating your DNA with Sacred Activations

Sacred Activations not only activate the dormant potential within your DNA, this modality can also reprogram your DNA for optimum health and functioning to improve your overall well-being and quality of life. 

Many scientists in the field of epigenetics have discovered that you can reprogram your DNA. The world- renown biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has proven that we can “rewrite” the way our genes express themselves. In one of his experiments, he took a cancer cell from a human body and transferred it to a healthy environment, the cell recovered quickly and behaved normally!

Sacred Activations is more than just an energy work, it is also a form of metaprogramming that intelligently corrects, removes, overwrites, and upgrades subconscious programming, including the programs embedded in your DNA. 

You see, Junk DNA holds enormous and astonishing untapped potential, but it also runs so many universal programs of diseases, personality, appearance, or psychological and mental characteristics installed to us by our immediate environment, by the society we live in, and by the culture we belong to. What Sacred Activations does is to clear those low-vibrational programs that hamper our growth and that keep us from becoming everything we can be. 

In The Great Awakening 12-week series, Week 3 is about clearing your Junk DNA from the collective subconscious programming that is controlling you and the world. It is a powerful and transformational advanced energy clearing on your DNA. It is your opportunity to repair, restore, and activate both your biological and spiritual DNA strands. 

Truly we are made of magic. It is all just a matter of discovering, activating, and using this magic so we can live up to our true potential. 


The Great Awakening
Week 5- The Art Of Manifestation

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The Great Awakening

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