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You are sacred. Just think about it for a second. Let it sink in. 

You might be thinking. Sacred? Me? With all my fears, flaws, and failures? 

Yes, exactly you are. 

Yet, we live in a world that makes us forget our inherent worth, a world that seems too ready to focus on our shortcomings rather than our divinity.  

Our society bombarded us with messages of inadequacy, convincing us that we’re not enough, that we need to have more, to be more, to look better to be worth something. 

We’re taught to compare, compete, and criticize, not just others but ourselves most harshly. So we end up always feeling like we’re falling short. 

It’s all a distraction, pulling you away from your true sacred self. 

Being sacred doesn’t mean being perfect. Far from it. It doesn’t mean you wont have bad days, make mistakes, or feel down sometimes. What it does mean is that there’s an inherent spark of the divine, a glimmer of the infinite within you. 

This isn’t ego or self-aggrandizement. It’s acknowledging a fundamental truth that we often overlook. 

It’s seeing yourself as a vessel of something greater, recognizing that you, in all your humanity, are a manifestation of something divine – whether you call it God, Universe, or simply Love. 

Your life, your experiences, your journey – they’re significant. You are a unique expression of life, and that, by itself, is sacred. 

So, how do you honor this sacredness within you? If you truly believe in your sacredness, how differently would you see yourself? 

Start treating yourself with utmost reverence, with high regard that you would give to the gurus you look up to. Treat yourself with kindness by giving yourself the grace to be imperfect. Imperfection doesn’t diminish your sacredness, it adds depth to it. 

And this realization doesn’t stop with you. Recognizing your sacredness naturally leads to seeing the sacredness in others. 

Suddenly, the person who cuts you off in traffic, the neighbor who has little regard for your need for quiet, or the colleague who seems always on edge – they are no longer obstacles in your day. They’re fellow travelers in this journey of life, and just like you, navigating its complexities, trying to find their way, sometimes stumbling, sometimes soaring. 

Imagine how our world could transform if each of us truly embraced and acted upon this understanding. 

So, I invite you to take a moment. Take a deep breath. Feel the weight of your being, the space you occupy in this world. You are sacred, a precious and remarkable part of the vast universe. 

And remember, you are not sacred because of what you do, what you have, what you can offer, or what others think of you. You are sacred simply because you are. Live it! 

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