What’s stopping your psychic gifts? I Witchcraft Stigma Release I Zarah Zyankali & Femke Van Kuijk

Tune in to this insightful conversation with our Sacred Activations Master Teachers Zarah and Femke as they talk about what is blocking your psychic gift and intuition, including fear of persecution, fear of seeing the truth, trauma, stigma, or past life imprint. 

This helps to free you from the belief systems, fears, resistance, and old limiting paradigm that stop you from showing up with your innate intuitive gifts and abilities. 


Activations/Deactivation you’ll receive from this session include:


  • What’s stopping you? (Psychic Abilities)
  • Labels and Boxes (Psychic Abilities)
  • Fear of Seeing the Truth
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Witchcraft Stigma
  • Release of Oaths, Vows, Contracts, Agreements, Curses, or Implants (Psychic Abilities)
  • Pillar of Light
  • Inner Child Reconnection
  • Nervous System Upgrade
  • Disciple’s Return
  • Ease and Grace


Facilitated by:

Femke van Kuijk is a Dutch Sacred Activations teacher who teaches Lightworkers,Healers & Miracle workers how to transform their wounds, fears into living their highest potential. 


Zarah Zyankali is a Sacred Activations teacher from Germany. 


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