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The Newest Master Practitioner’s Class

Starseeds and Walk-ins



Live Online


8:00AM PST


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To join this class, you need to complete Master Practitioner and Multiverse Blueprint Training.


A “walk-in” is a new soul who chooses to enter and take over a human body, replacing the soul that was originally inhibiting it, also known as Star seeds.

This exchange is usually agreed upon by both souls, allowing a more evolved soul to continue the life journey of a less evolved soul who wishes to depart from the physical plane. 

This can happen for various reasons, such as when the original soul has completely lost its will to live, has undergone trauma, is unable to fulfill its life purpose, or simply desires to return to the non-physical realm.

Star Seeds can also be beings from other planets, coming to Earth for the first time but they are highly connected to their soul’s purpose, they know why they are here and what they must do to help the Planet shift to a higher dimension.

Class Overview

This class is designed to equip Sacred Activations Master Practitioners with the ability to assist walk-ins through their unique journey. 

Helping walk-in souls to not only adjust to their new circumstances but to thrive, embracing their new identities and fulfilling their spiritual missions on Earth.

  • Facilitate a process where one soul is gently guided into the light;
  • Help the walk-in soul fully integrate into the physical vessel, embody its new role, navigate its new human experience, and step into its power and purpose; and
  • Clear the programs – belief systems, conditioning, emotional patterns – left behind by the previous soul. 

This class is offered to provide you with another powerful tool to better understand and help people going through a walk-in experience. 

What you’ll receive when you join this training:

  • Lifetime access to the video replays, which will be added directly to your dashboard, so you can re-watch and have a completely different experience. 
  • A training certificate of completion that verifies your competency to facilitate Past Life Regression and Near-Death Experience healing sessions using Sacred Activations.
  • A training manual that includes the teachings, channeled information, and process: this serves as your guide when you practice what you’ve learned from the class. 

Starseeds & Walk-ins

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