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This Activation disconnects you from the collective war consciousness, as well as releases you from the collective trauma and suffering caused by the wars happening in the world right now, so you’ll stop contributing to this energy and start sending out energy of healing, hope, and love.

War is a program in the 3D matrix. Our history is filled with stories where wars are justified. Aren’t war heroes glorified in history books? Aren’t we entertained with war movies and war games?

If you are constantly focusing on wars and the effects of wars in our world, you are feeding more into its energy and contributing to its existence. The more you feed into it, the more you’re helping plug it into our Earth timeline.

If we are to transform our world into peace and harmony, it is important that we disconnect from war consciousness and turn our focus into peace, love, joy, and happiness.

This Activation allows you to:

Unplug from the 3rd dimensional collective war consciousness, so you are able to move into the 5D consciousness of unconditional love.

Create a difference in the world by first nurturing a sense of calm, peace, and balance within yourself.

Shift your focus from war dynamics, violence, injustice, and inequality to peace, hope, joy, love, and healing.


This sacred energy clears out your anger, judgment, resentment, guilt, and shame towards your family, allowing yourself to give and receive familial love and respect.

After receiving this Activation, amazing shifts in family relationships and family dynamics occur. You will begin to experience a family love marked with respect and healthy attachment.

This Activation enables you to:

Forgive your family for the hurtful words and actions while setting clear boundaries with them to protect your own emotional health.

Be willing to understand family members, see their pains, and acknowledge their shortcomings, so you can release yourself from anger, bitterness, and resentment.

Give and receive compassion, love, and respect to and from your family through healthy attachment, boundaries, and communication.

Become more accepting of your family for who they are and stop trying to get your family to respond the way you want them to.


This Activation brings sacred geometric codes into your DNA Tetrahedron that will activate your DNA up to 18 strands and accelerate their evolution to the new crystalline form. This will increase your connection to higher consciousness and line you up for a profound spiritual advancement.

First Foundation Activation.

Metatron’s Cube is a potent symbol in Sacred Geometry. It allows you to connect to higher frequencies and to your Higher Self.

This Activation facilitates:

Healing and spiritual assistance

High-vibrational living

DNA Activation that moves you into your higher potential

Divine communication

Upon receiving this sacred energy, you will begin to access your spiritual light and power. This energy keeps expanding your awareness and connecting you to higher dimensions.

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