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Yesterdays News: How does your past hold you back?


Do you stop yourself from experiencing something because it happened in the past and you don’t like how it ended? Do you constantly talk about the past? Do you react to certain situations based on your past experiences? To what extent does your past affect your decision?

Sometimes, we compare our present situation to a similar situation in the past that didn’t end well, and we believe that, like the past, it will not end well too. We tend to recreate the past experiences, instead of closing the door on that and focusing on the NOW and opening up ourselves for new experience.

Yesterday’s News Activation helps you to stop creating your present and future experiences based from your past. This is about stopping yourself from responding based on what has happened before. Because your present circumstances are different stories no matter how similar it may seem.

Receiving this sacred energy allows you to:

  • Let go of the past and move forward;
  • Stop comparing everyone and everything to the past; and
  • Reconnect with the present and be more open to new experiences.
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