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Total Body Connection: Total Body Connection: Get in touch with your body


Do you live in your body or are you living mostly in your head? This Activation grounds you and reconnects you with your body, filling every part of your body with acceptance, respect, and love.

Body disconnection is often our system’s way to cope with traumas and difficult experiences.

This sacred energy brings you completely back into your body if you have disassociated with it. Receiving this energy allows you to:

– Listen to your body by being mindfully aware of your body sensations, so you can give it what it needs in the moment. If your body feels tired, give it the rest it needs.
– Connect more deeply with yourself through your body.
– Send kindness and love to your body, without judging and criticizing it.

Your body is your vehicle, your temple. Your body is a beautiful creation. So be kind to it. Honor and respect it. Give it the love it deserves.

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