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Things Have to get Worse Before they get Better: Deactivate this belief


Do you believe in the expression, “no pain, no gain”? Do you believe that personal growth starts with things getting worse before they get better? This Deactivation clears out this huge collective belief that circumstances and situations may worsen first before they start to get better.

“Things have to get worse before they get better” is a huge fear-based program. We are programmed to believe that we must suffer first before we can heal, that things must fall apart before they ease up, and that we must go through hell before finding the light. This is a deep-seated ingrained program.

Why not heal and improve the quality of our lives without hitting rock bottom? Do we really need to go through a lot of stuff before we can live happier, calmer, and lighter? Do we really need to go through painful experiences before we can learn our lessons?

This Activation disconnects you from this collective belief – however it plays out in your life.


This Activation comes FREE when you sign up for free Activations on the website. Go to [tamraoviatt.com](http://tamraoviatt.com) and click “Receive FREE Activations.”

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