The Peanut Gallery: Stop listening to people’s opinions


Do you always listen to others’ opinions and judgments on what you should and shouldn’t do, instead of listening to yourself and trusting your own heart and intuition? This Activation releases you from the need to listen to others, as well as liberates you from the pressure of trying to live up to other people’s words and opinions.

Receiving this energy disconnects you from constantly worrying about what others are going to say about your choices, decisions, and preferences. This will disconnect you from the belief that you should always listen to the majority on how you should act and conduct yourself, on how you should better your life, or on what career you should pursue.

Peanut Gallery Activation allows you to:

– Reclaim your power by following your heart, trusting your intuition, and believing yourself;
– Stop worrying about what others might think and say about you — in this way, you’re not putting your energy outside of yourself.
– Learn not to feel afraid of being authentically yourself; and
– Not let others’ words and opinions dictate your choices and decisions.

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