The Need to Know: Trust where you’re headed


This Activation disconnects you from the need to know everything about your future and how things are going to unfold for you, allowing yourself to trust the process and be in that knowing that the Universe/Creator/God always has you back.

Why do we have that need to know the future? By knowing what will happen, we get the advantage over a situation or we are able to resolve our anxiety about the outcome of a situation.

Our need to know about our future stems from our lack of faith. This need removes us from living in the present moment.

Receiving this sacred energy helps you to:

– Let go of your need to know about your future, how it unfolds, where you’re headed, and what are the outcomes of your present decisions — in this way, you are able to live deeply in the present moment;
– Let go of trying to micro-manage and over-control everything in your life to move toward the future you desire — just trust where you are right now; and
– Have faith in the process with an inner knowing that the Universe/Creator/God won’t let you down.

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