StarSeed: Connect to your galactic brothers and sisters


This Activation raises your vibrational energy to a level where you can connect and communicate with Star Races and Galactic Races of Light Beings residing in other planets and galaxies, or other dimensional realms. This is an expansion Activation that allows you to hear, see, understand, and discern them through the power of your consciousness.

We share a connection with those Beings in different star systems, galaxies, or planets. They are our Brothers and Sisters because we all have our Starseed genesis. We may even have incarnated multiple times as star/galactic beings.

Starseed Activation opens up and lines you up for a deeper connection and better communication with your galactic Brothers and Sisters. They are here for you to help you navigate your day-to-day human experience by offering you their higher dimensional perspectives and understanding.

Receiving this expansion Activation helps you to:

  • Remove your fear of connecting with Galactic Beings, trusting that you are safe when you connect and communicate with them;
  • See your Brothers and Sisters from Star/Galactic Races through your consciousness and be able to hear and understand their messages for you; and
  • Properly discern who you are connecting with, so you will only open yourself up to those who have pure intentions of helping you in your ascension.
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