Spiritual Ego: Are you fallen into the ego trap?


What is the most disempowering trap your ego have set for you? Do you see yourself better than those whom you think are lack of spiritual awareness? Do you feel like your job is to lead others into the light by imposing your spiritual views on them? Or do you see spirituality as a race?

This Activation balances your highest self and your ego, releasing your inner spiritual judge and your self-image of specialness, entitlement, and perfection.

Receiving this energy allows you to:

– Release any feeling of superiority and “I am so special” mentality that disconnect you from others;
– Merge the strength of your ego and the wisdom of your highest self, guiding you towards choices that support your best and highest good, as well as the highest good of everyone around you; and
– Cultivate humility and openness, allowing you to share your gifts with the world and experience the joy of helping others without judging their “level”.

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