Soul Repair: Retrieve and heal your fragmented soul


Do you ever feel that something is missing in your life and you can’t figure out what exactly is missing? This Activation integrates missing elements of yourself back into your life, including your inner child. This will heal and retrieve essential part of yourself, your soul, that have been broken and lost, so you’ll return to your authentic self, whole, complete, and glowing with light.

Soul fragmentation occurs when we have lived through pain, neglect, grief, and trauma, and we split part of ourselves and leave it in that timeline. This is the way we learn to survive traumatic experiences.

Receiving this sacred energy helps you to:

– Recover and release blocked and repressed aspects of your psyche (soul) to find a sense of wholeness and completeness in your inner life;
– Address the traumatic experiences that have fragmented your soul; and
– Retrieve pieces of your soul from other dimensions, realms, timelines, or parallel realities, so you’ll get in touch again with the authentic essence of who you truly are.

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