Sacred Sexuality: Invoke divine essence into your lovemaking


This Activation connects you to your desires, sensations, and sexual energies, allowing you to wholeheartedly celebrate the sacredness of sex with someone while experiencing pure loving connection, expanded pleasure, and profound wholeness.


The inherent quality of Sacred Sexuality Activation binds you with the energy and expression of divine love by giving and receiving love through another and through sex for the purpose of your own healing, spiritual evolution, and transformation.

Upon receiving this Activation, you will:

– Open up to a beautiful and transcendent experience of shared love and pleasure in a more expanded and profound way;
– Be cleared out from all the hooks, cords, and connections from past relationships, as well as let go of the wounds, hurts, fears, and guilts that you have had from past experiences; and
– Allow yourself to embody the energy of divine love, ecstasy, sacred union, and wholeness through lovemaking.

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