Running Away From Your Feelings: Overcome difficult emotions


How do you run away from your own emotions? How do you hide them? Do you avoid people, activities, or places because they remind you of your past pain? Are you numbing out your emotions through substance abuse, engaging in superficial relationships, social media, or overworking yourself?

This Activation helps you with dealing difficult emotions such as sadness, loneliness, emotional pain, anger, shame, guilt, jealousy, and more, so you can release your emotional baggage and heal yourself.

When you connect to this sacred energy, you’re allowing yourself to:

– Identify, process, and accept your emotions, so you can express them in healthy ways.
– Listen to your emotions and what they are telling you, so you are able to resolve your emotional issues and identify your emotional needs that aren’t met.
– Develop emotional resilience through practicing acceptance and finding emotional balance.
– Understand that overcoming difficult emotions is a process and not a once-and-for attainment.

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