Polar Opposites: Reverse your negative thoughts


This Activation deletes intrusive negative thoughts that keep running in your head and rewrite them with their positive opposites. This sacred energy is extremely powerful in reversing your old negative thought patterns into positive ones.

When you have a thought that repeats over and over and over again everyday, it creates new neural pathway in your brain. This pathway strengthens by repetition until that thought becomes your new normal thinking.

What this Activation does is to clear that negative thought out, bring it down from a river to a stream to a trickle until it dries up and goes away, dis-creating and wiping out the negative neural pathway and allowing new positive pathway of higher vibration to be created.

When you receive the Polar Opposites Activation, you will notice that the repeating negative thoughts that used to run in your head will lessen until they completely stop and replaced with positive and empowering ones.

Listen to this Activation anytime you have unwanted thoughts stuck in your head.

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