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Pillar of Light: YOU as the light connecting the Cosmos and the Earth


This sacred energy turns you into the Pillar of Light, shooting your energy down to Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra and up to the Eye of God. Use this process to cleanse and protect yourself, to manifest, to bring light onto the Earth, and to connect directly to higher aspects of you and the Source.

You are the Pillar of Light. The light of the Cosmos and the light of the Earth are running through the midline of your body and flowing through you.

Seeing, feeling, and experiencing yourself as The Pillar of Light allows you to:

– Fully connect to the higher realms of light, linking you directly to the Source;
– Raise your own vibration and the vibration of the planet as you radiate pure positive energy out into the world, into nature, into space;
– Pull out and clear hooks, cords, arrows, swords, energetic imprints, or any attachments that is not supposed to be in your Pillar of Light.


Practice this process. Keep listening to this Activation to strengthen your visualization of the Pillar of Light. When you get really good at this process, you’ll be able to see, feel, and experience yourself as the Pillar of Light that you truly are.

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