Not Your Doormat: Are you letting others treat you badly?


Are you always saying YES out of guilt and to please people? Are you always taken for granted because you feel you need to be nice all the time? Do you always sacrifice your time, energy, and value for others at your own expense?

This Activation releases the energy of being a doormat, so you’re not letting toxic people walk all over you and treat you badly. This addresses your dormant behavior and your tendency to bend over backward to please others.

The more you connect to this energy, the more you see yourself standing your ground and shifting into your power. Receiving this energy is a life-changer that allows you to:

– Value yourself more by learning to reject anything that is worth less than what you actually deserve.
– Speak up for yourself, practice saying NO, and express your boundaries.
– Honor your own needs, desires, feelings, and goals.
– Balance the give and take in your relationship with your family, partner, work colleagues, and other people.

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