Mother Earth: Ground your energy


Mother Earth Activation grounds and connects you into the heart of Mother Earth, balancing out the energy in your body and keeping you centered, at ease, and consciously present.

This Activation connects you to the loving and nourishing energy of Mother Earth. Connecting to this energy rejuvenates and replenishes your energy field, allowing you to be more fully present in your body while also connecting to your Higher Self.

Receiving this Activation helps you:

– Ground and center yourself anytime you feel frantic, unfocused, troubled, or spacey.
– Connect and deepen your relationship with nature and bring you closer to animals.
– Strengthen your ability to communicate with the natural elements of this wonderful planet, including elemental beings such as fairies and nature spirits.
– Feel the unity and interconnectedness of all that exists in our realm, filling you with love for our home, the planet Earth.

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