Millionaire Collective Consciousness: Connect to the millionaire vibration


This Activation plugs you into the vibration of the collective consciousness of being a millionaire. It instills you with the money mindset and belief shared by the most affluent and prosperous members in our society.

There’s already a millionaire collective consciousness available for you to plug into. You don’t need to create it, you just have to connect to it.

Connecting to this group consciousness shared by the millionaires or billionaires across the globe helps you to:

  • Reprogram your belief system about money, wealth, and prosperity and adopt a millionaire mindset and belief that promote power habits for a successful and abundant life;
  • Cultivate an attitude of abundance by focusing on the wealth of positives around you and by protecting your thoughts and attitudes from lack and scarcity influences;
  • Align with the millionaire’s vibration, allowing you to attract unlimited opportunities.


Listen to the Millionaire Collective Consciousness Activation everyday to continue raising your millionaire vibration. You’ll be surprised by how many opportunities will come to you once you are aligned with this vibration.

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