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Universal Life’s Grid: Protective energy shield


This Activation creates a protective shield of light around your energetic body, keeping you safe from radiation, soundwaves, and other pollutants in the atmosphere. This will also protect you from the thoughts, emotions, and energies that emanate from other people.

If you are a healer, empath, or highly sensitive person, this Activation protects your energy from energy vampires, as well as protects yourself from elements that shut down your pineal gland and kundalini energy.

Universal Life Grid Activation protects you from:

– Dark energies or entities that may attach in your energetic field
– People who zap your emotional energy (emotional or energy vampires)
– Radiation, soundwaves, chemical vapors, and other pollutants in the atmosphere

***This Activation also covers and protects all parts of your soul — wherever those pieces of you are spread to.

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