Learning Through Suffering: Does suffering serve a purpose to you?


Do you believe that you can learn more from pain than from happiness? Do you believe that pain and suffering bring people closer to God? Are you plug into the collective consciousness of suffering?

This Activation releases you from your subconscious need to learn through pain and suffering. The collective belief that pain and suffering are required experiences for personal growth is just a program. You can delete that program and choose to learn, grow, and expand through positive emotions.

Receiving this energy allows you to:

– Disconnect from the energy of suffering, so you’ll be more open to the energy of peace, joy, love, and happiness;
– Grow closer to God /Source /Creator / Universe — however, you call the highest power of all that is — without the need to suffer and go through painful experiences; and
– Unplug from the collective suffering, so you’ll not be adding more energy to it.

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