Lack and Limitations: Unplug from this mentality


Are you always focusing on what you lack? Do you have thought patterns like, “I can’t do this/that” or “I don’t have a choice.”? Do you often see limitations, instead of possibilities? This sacred energy helps you break free from scarcity/lack mindset and shifts you into abundance mindset.


This Activation will bring a HUGE shift in your mindset. Belief systems associated with lack, limitation, and scarcity will be deleted from your subconscious programming and will be replaced with beliefs and thoughts of abundance, prosperity, and gratitude.

Receiving this Activation helps you to:

  • Rewire your brain for the feeling of gratitude, allowing you to supercharge your manifestations and attract limitless opportunities;
  • Drop the thinking that other people are your competitors and opponents; instead, you genuinely celebrate others’ achievements and success with a knowing that there is enough (and more) for everybody;
  • Focus your thoughts on what you have and trust where you are right now;
  • Live in a state of flow, instead of living in lack, desperation, and fears; and
  • Be in the driver’s seat, understanding that you are the creator of your reality and abundance is your birthright.
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