Karmic Loop: Break the disrupting old patterns in your life


Have you run into the same frustrating situations again and again? Do you keep attracting the same type of people in your relationships? Do you always end up in the same kind of work environment? Or do you have personal issues that keep coming back no matter where you are in life?

This Deactivation releases you from the karmic cycles and maladaptive patterns that keep you trapped, stuck, and stagnant. This addresses the negative issues and circumstances that you repeatedly experience, so you’ll be able to continue to move forward in life.

Receiving this Activation allows you to:

– Break your karmic loop and end your negative cycles by becoming aware of your choices, by being conscious of your responses, and by being more accountable of your actions;
– Continue forward in your chosen path without having to repeat the same lessons over again and again; and
– Be more in control of your life by making empowering choices that are aligned to your best and highest good.

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