Inner Twin Flame: Sacred union within yourself


This Activation clears you from the belief that twin flame is the other half of your soul that you need to find to become whole. YOU ARE WHOLE. This energy helps you reach that inner union within yourself by choosing to honor your heart’s highest calling for love and realizing that the Twin Flame love you’re seeking is already within you.

A Twin Flame journey is an inner journey. Seeking outside of yourself to feel whole attracts more feeling of incompleteness and separation.

This Activation builds Oneness of energy within you. It’s about bringing all aspects of yourself together and developing a growing love from within. The wholeness you’re seeking is HERE and NOW, inside you.

Receiving this Activation allows you to:

– Let go of the thoughts and ideas about needing someone for you to feel whole and complete;
– Experience the unity and harmony of all aspects of yourself by cultivating the highest form of unconditional love that is already exist within your heart; and
– Embody the new 5D programming of self-love, self-acceptance, and wholeness within, so you’ll begin to attract someone you’ve had divine connection with.

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