Inner Child: Heal your inner child


This Activation reconnects you to your inner child, allowing you to release and heal your childhood traumas, as well as addressing the negative conditioning you received as a child.

Everyone has inner child. Our inner child is the subconscious part of ourselves or a piece of our souls that may hold energies that are stuck in those areas of our lives where we have experienced neglect, trauma, or deep emotional wound.

This Activation reclaims pieces of your soul that were left from your past timelines and other lifetimes and brings those stuck energies back to you in the NOW.

This Activation helps you to:

– Clear out traumas, unresolved wounds, and stuck energies that cause part of you to be left in other timelines, lifetimes, or realms.
– Heal and get your inner child out from a place of suffering.
– Shed childhood anxieties, fears, and conditioning that you’ve carried into adulthood.
– Shift your foundation beliefs into alignment with your personal power.

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