I Am Worthy: Let go of feeling unworthy


Do you feel worthy of love, of money, of recognition? Or do you fall into the trap of feeling worthless, small, and insignificant? In what ways do you feel unworthy? This Activation releases any feeling of being unworthy and helps you start feeling confident, worthy, and enough.

This Activation install the belief of “I am worthy” into your subconscious programming, so you’ll start to cultivate unconditional feeling of self-worth and begin feeling worthy of receiving anything that this world and this life can offer.

When you receive this sacred energy, you will:

  • Let go of your thoughts that feed on your doubts, insecurities, and feeling of unworthiness;
  • Start to honor, respect, and value yourself with a knowing that you always deserve love, happiness, and success; and
  • Not allow others to define your worth, because you know that other people’s opinions of you have no impact on your innate value.
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