Healers Who Suffer: What prevents you from doing your healing work?


Are you a healer who suffers from your own subconscious blocks? Do you feel the call of becoming a healer but you often met with resistance either from yourself, from your family, from the society, or from the modern culture?

This Activation clears blocks and resistance that prevent you, as a healer, from pursuing the healing work that you are called to do.

Blocks and resistance may include your fear of criticism and rejection, self-doubt, self-sabotaging behavior that interferes with your bigger goals around healing, and all other different ways that stop you from listening to your calling of healing humanity and the world.

Receiving this Activation helps you to:

– Clear your blocks, resistance, fears, and all other subconscious programs that prevent you from doing a healing work;
– Stand up, take your place in the world, and show up confidently and authentically as a healer;
– Release yourself from your own suffering as someone who are called to become a healer — whatever this means for you.

Don’t ever, ever shrink and hide your light. You are extremely important no matter who you are, what you are, or where you are. Your abilities, as a healer, are needed right here right now.

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