Healers Power: Are you fully owning your power as a healer?


What limits your power as a healer? Do you believe that you cannot go above your teacher or your master? Do you feel the need to be committed to only one modality?

Many healers subconsciously stop themselves from fully owning their power because they believe that they can’t go above their teachers or that they should commit to only one modality.

This Activation releases you from those limitations, as well as release you from the commitments, contracts, and blessings that stop you from fully owning your power as a healer.

Receiving this energy empowers you to:

– Fully embody your power as a healer by not letting anything stop you from showing up, from expanding your gifts, or from pursuing other modalities.
– Drop the competition, because every healer is unique and has his own contribution to better the world.

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