Having to Battle Light vs Dark: Release the perpetual battle between good and evil


What do you judge as good? And what do you judge as bad? Do you always have internal battle between good and evil? This Activation collapses the duality of light and dark, allowing you to look at things just as they are without judging one as good and judging other as bad


Good and evil are mental constructs that are deeply ingrained in us. We are taught to separate our choices, decisions, preferences, and actions as good or bad. We are plugged into a collective consciousness of always having to battle evil.

This inner battle of light and dark is reflected in different areas in our lives where our hearts may judge something as good, but our minds may judge it as bad.

This Activation helps you to:

  • Clear attachments and connections to the collective struggles between good and evil, so you’ll be able to focus on creating peace within yourself;
  • Stop your judgment on what is good and bad, allowing yourself to look at things as they are; and
  • Release you from the consciousness of duality by letting go of any ideas, opinions, and beliefs you have of what is light or dark, right or wrong, good or bad, allowing yourself to experience what is HERE and NOW with no opposite extremes at all.
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