Hate V's Love: Move past hate into love


Do you believe that love cannot exist without its opposite, hate? Do you believe that you cannot have love without hate? Are you being plugged into the energy of hate around you? What do you hate about yourself, about others, about the world, about life?

Duality is an illusion. It is NOT true that hate is necessary for love to exist. Hate is just a lowered energy version of love. Love and hate are just two poles of the same emotional state. They are identical in nature but different in degree. Love being the highest pole and hate being the lowest.

This Activation helps you move past hate and its destructive energy by filling you with the vibration of love; thus, allowing you:

– To look within yourself what unresolved issues, wounds, and emotions you are subconsciously holding that cause you to harbor hate on yourself, on others, and on the world.
– To unplug from the collective hate and move on with your life without any attachments to whatever causes hate to arise.
– To view things from a place of understanding, acceptance, and compassion.

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