Gut Brain Heart: Let your intuition, logic, and emotion work together


This sacred energy activates your gut instinct, your heart, and your brain to flow and work together harmoniously, so you’ll make better, smarter, and more intuitive life decisions.

Did you know that you have three brains? Your head brain, your heart brain, and your gut-brain.

Science has also shown that there are complex networks of neurons in these three brains. Listening to the combined wisdom of your head, heart, and gut will guide you to make better decisions in life that are in alignment with your highest good.

When you use your head, follow your heart, and listen to your gut all at the same time, you will:

– Navigate life’s important choices and big decisions smartly and effectively.
– Experience LESSER and LESSER internal conflicts or cognitive dissonance (an inner state of discomfort that results from holding conflicting beliefs, needs, choices, ethics, values, or attitudes), because you’re allowing your head, heart, and gut to work together.
– Solve life’s difficulties with your rational brain, emotional brain, and intuitive brain by looking at problems through logic, passion, and intuition.

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