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Glass Ceiling Deactivation: Shattering your subconscious barriers


Do you imposed limits on yourself? How do you limit your experiences? This Activation enables you to recognize instances where you are setting subconscious barriers on yourself that keep you from moving forward to the next level and beyond. This sacred energy makes it easy for you to identify and shatter your self-imposed limits.

We create limits or barriers on ourselves because we believe that they can protect us and make us feel safe. Think of situations on your own life where you place limits on yourself.

Are you doubting your abilities and worthiness to live your desired life? Do you have any fear-based beliefs and thoughts that keep you stuck on your current level? What false conditioning have you acquired from the past that is limiting your potential?

When you receive this Activation, it allows you to:

– Perceive your self-imposed limitations, such as self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-defeating assumptions, fear of failure, disabling beliefs, or false conditioning, so you’re able to break and overcome these personal barriers;
– Acknowledge and face your fears, so you are able to move past them; and
– Cultivate a growth mindset, allowing yourself to achieve more, to have more, and to live a full life.


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