Genie in a Bottle: Unlock your unlimited wishes


This Activation removes the limits of how many amazing things and experiences you can have in life. This sacred energy opens you up to receiving and getting as many wishes as you desire, clearing yourself from any beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that limit you from attracting, manifesting, and creating whatever you want.

Think about all the beliefs you have that are limiting you from getting everything you want in life, like the belief that *“you can’t make money doing what you love”*, *“money is a limited source”*, *“you don’t have the skills or talents”*, or *“life isn’t supposed to be easy”*.

Imagine how many wishes, desires, or prayers you can receive if you have cleared yourself from these limits. Genie in a Bottle Activation unlocks your unlimited granted wishes by letting go of the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are limiting you in any way.

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