Galactic Federation: Meet your Galactic Star Family


We all have an ancient connection to the stars. This Activation connects you to your Galactic Star Families by bringing you into a deeper elevated state of consciousness within your being, so you’ll be able to receive, interpret, and understand messages and information from higher dimensions.

There are other Galactic beings who are not in alignment with Christ Consciousness.

This Activation, however, will only connect you to your Star Families who are of Christ light. They are the ones who are ready to assist you in your ascension. They are the ones who can guide you to reach higher vibration in your human body and embody full Christ Consciousness through unconditional love.

This is a powerful Activation that helps you to:

– Get into your heart space, raise your vibration, and expand into higher consciousness, so you can match the vibration of those higher vibrational star beings.
– Connect with your Galactic team through dreams, signs, synchronicities, and meditation — however it works for you.

You must clear yourself from the low-vibrational levels of emotions, such as fear, doubt, or insecurity, before you can enter into this expanded elevated state of consciousness.

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