Fruit of Life: Open and activate your 13 Chakras


This Activation opens and lights up your 13 Chakras, activating the Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry in your body. This clears trapped emotions, intergenerational traumas, and belief systems related to each of your chakras to restore your auric body and brightens its colors.

Your Chakras are the energy centers of your body that carry the emotional energy created by your inner and outer experiences. The more negative the emotional energy is, the more imbalanced, misaligned, and blocked your Chakras will become.

This stagnant energy in Chakras may cause recurring physical, emotional, and psychological issues.

Fruit of Life Activation helps you to:

– Release Chakra blockages (formed through trapped negative emotions, traumas, or unhealthy patterns and beliefs) from your energetic body;
– Cleanse, balance, and brightens your Chakras to maintain optimal energy flow throughout your body, making you feel calmer, lighter, and more grounded in love; and
– Heal your recurring physical, emotional, or mental issues faster.

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