Free At Last: Are you conditioned to conform, obey, and follow?


Are you raised and conditioned to follow rules and norms, even if they’re toxic, limiting, or disempowering? Are you living your whole life conforming to your family, society, church, and school without allowing yourself to live the way you believe you should live? Are you letting your family decide for you?

This Activation frees you from imposed restrictions and conditioned obedience that keep you from expressing who you really are, from doing what you really love, and from living the way you really want to live.

This sacred energy allows you to:

– Have the courage to break free from constantly following norms and rules that are toxic, limiting, and disabling to you;
– Live your life your way, disallowing others to dictate your life; and
– Stand up for yourself and speak up for what you want, without letting others decide what you should and shouldn’t do — without letting them decide your career, relationship, or lifestyle.

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