Fetters Deactivation: Cut energetic cords and chains


This Activation frees you from cords, chains, or other energetic ties that go around your ankles, your hands, and up through your spinal cord, or anywhere in your energetic system, that keeps you tethered to a person, an object, a place, or any situation that drains or syphons your energy.


Negative energetic cords have a lot of control over your energy. These cords or chains take positive and loving energy from you, leaving you feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.

Energetic cords connect you to a person, an object, a place, or a situation that holds a strong emotional pull. Some cords are formed out of love and affection. But some are formed because of trauma, heartaches, anger, or ill-feelings. You can also pick these cords from your immediate environments.

Fetters Deactivation removes and dissolves cords, chains, and other energetic ties that have become attached to you.

Receiving this sacred energy helps you:

  • Cleanse your energetic field from unhealthy and negative energetic ties;
  • End negative attachments to people and to the past events, allowing you to move on and move forward;
  • Recover your energy that you have shared with other people and that are depleting you; and
  • Let go of that which no longer serves you and create new space for new beginnings.
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