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Fear of Success, Anxiety & Jealousy Masterclass


This is going to be a master class about fear of failure, fear of success and then creating success, there are so many different parts of that. Then there is jealousy, that is not a good energy.

You do not want to be jealous of somebody, when someone is successful I am super happy for them, I love seeing people succeed. We are going to add in the activation “Caste System Money” because that is about; people who are better than you have money or people are not as good as you because they don’t have money and that is not correct because really we are all equal and no one is better than anyone else,  it’s about how you put yourself out there. It’s about being real, being in your Oneness and living the life we desire. The Energy that we plug into to create these shifts is intelligent, it knows where to go and what to clear for each and every one of you.

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