Fear of Authority: How much power do authorities have over you?


This Activation releases your fear, social anxiety, and feeling of inferiority around authority figures. This sacred energy helps you get your power back, being able to stand up for yourself calmly and confidently.

If you fear authority figures, like your parents, guardians, boss, police, government officials, or other people with high status, influence, money, and power, you are giving your power to them.

This Activation releases your fears of being negatively judged, embarrassed, humiliated, undervalued, disrespected, or deemed inadequate by those whom you perceive as more powerful and superior than you. This helps you release the hold authorities have over you.

When you release your fear of authority, you learn to:

– Speak up for yourself with confidence and be assertive when necessary around those in authoritative positions.
– Let go of your feeling of inferiority and your hierarchical mentality, so you are able to stand in your own truth and power.

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