Dyslexia: Overcome deep insecurity of “I feel stupid”


Do you ever feel “dumb” because it is difficult for you to do things that everybody else can do so easily? Do you believe you have difficulty in reading, spelling words correctly, performing calculations and mental arithmetic, or learning new skills? This Activation is not only for those who have learning disabilities, it also addresses negative self-talk such as “I feel stupid.”, “I am dumb”, or “I am so slow.”

You don’t have to be dyslexic to benefit from this Activation. It also helps people who have other difficulties that caused them to label themselves as “dumb/stupid/slow”.

This Activation helps you organize your thoughts and ideas, so you can perform better. This will also work on neural imbalance to improve your brain performance and information processing skills.

Receiving this Activation also releases any feeling of being dumb/stupid/slow, so you will begin to:

– Install a new belief of self-confidence and self-esteem at the subconscious level.
– Pursue opportunities and new experiences by not letting your learning disabilities holding you back.
– Reclaim your power by focusing on your strengths.

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