Disconnect from Slave Mentality


Are you willing to become subservient to the government and big corporations in exchange for basic comfort and “slave wages? Do you always feel the need to depend and rely on others whom you believe are more powerful than you, want them to lead you, and let them take responsibility for your own life?

To be a slave doesn’t necesserarily mean you have a weight chained to  your ankle. Mental slavery is when most of your waking time everyday is owned by corporations, obeying orders and doing something you hate doing, for a wage that allows you to just sustain your basic needs.

This Activation clears any programs that you have around slavery, including your genetic, past life trauma, oath, and vow of being a slave/servant. This also disconnects you from the collective slave mentality that blocks your freedom and power to live the abundant life that you deserve.

A lot of people have fear that if they’re successful they will be ripped off and everything will be taken from them
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