Disciples Return: Clear out the fear of being killed for telling the truth


Are you a healer who refuses to show up and wake many people to their truth and power because you’re afraid to get killed? Are you afraid to become known and get seen with your ability to make a difference in the world because you think others (who don’t like the change and impact you’re making) might wish you harm?

There’s a lot of history of local healers, masters, prophets, or God’s disciples that have been killed because of what they know and are capable of — that can truly set people free by waking them to their power.

This Activation is for healers and for those who are afraid of being killed and harmed because of the change and impact they are capable to make in the society.

It is very important to clear out this energy of fear from your consciousness, so you can fully show up while being in service to humanity and to the whole planet.

This will clean all aspects of you that are afraid to get seen and become known, empowering you not to hide your light, your magic, and your power.

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