Debt Deactivation: Unplug from debt consciousness


This Activation releases you from the consciousness of debt, including financial debt, emotional debt, and spiritual debt, so you’ll be free from the cycle of being indebted to anyone or anything.


Emotional debt is all the emotions that have accumulated in your body that are left unexpressed and unresolved.

This Activation releases you from all types of debt and unplugs your from debt consciousness, so you’ll stop creating it in your life.

By clearing the energy of debt from your consciousness, this Activation helps you to:

  • Pay down the emotional debt of guilt, resentment, pain, suffering, or whatever it is for you, so you can finally unburden all your trapped emotions that were formed from your past experiences;
  • Release yourself from a cycle of financial debt by shifting your focus to abundance and prosperity consciousness;
  • Let go of any beliefs and feelings that you are indebted to your religion, your country, or to your culture; and
  • Clear all cords, hooks, chains, curses, blessings, anything, and everything attached to debt consciousness.
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