Dark Desires: Are you plugged into this dark energy?


Are you suffering from your own dark desires and from others’ dark desires towards you? Are you plugged into the dark desires in the collective consciousness? Do you rage at those rape and murder cases that are happening in the world?

When you’re sending judgment, anger, and hate to dark desires, such as pedophilia, homicide, or gang rape, you are feeding that energy. The more people are plugged into that energy, the more it becomes powerful.

This Activation releases you from the energy of dark desires and disconnects you from the collective consciousness associated with dark desires. In this way, you are helping the world to heal by allowing yourself to send love and light instead.

This Activation helps you to:

– Clear out the energy of dark desires from your consciousness, including your judgment, anger, hatred, rage, or fear associated with a particular dark desire.
– Heal yourself, if you are a victim of dark sexual desire, as this Activation also works on post-traumatic stress caused by sexual abuse and manipulation.
– Heal the world by disconnecting yourself from this dark energy.

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