Damsel in Distress: Do you feel the need to rescue or to be rescued?


What roles do you usually play to solve life’s challenges? Do you play “Damsel in Distress” who waits for someone to deliver you from difficult situations? Do play “White Knight” who feels compelled to rescue others and who connects your self-worth on being needed? Or do you play both sides?

Damsel in Distress Activation helps both men and women who have subconscious need to rescue and to be rescued. This Activation works in all relationships where you play a victim or a rescuer, or both, and it becomes a pattern in your life.

Receiving this sacred energy helps you:

  • Overcome “Poor Me Syndrome” (Victim Mentality) or White Knight Syndrome (a compulsive need to rescue someone);
  • Let go of your rescue fantasies or your need to passively wait for a benefactor to come to your rescue to help you solve your problems for you — this moves you from a victim to one of a creator who takes responsibility for your experience;
  • Break free from your rescuer role by learning to listen without trying to fix things for others; and
  • Move from drama to that of empowerment.
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