Creative Gene: Manifest all forms of abundance


This Activation supercharges your manifesting abilities by disconnecting you from the third-dimensional grid system of lack and limitation and connecting you into the fifth-dimensional system of unconditional love, limitless abundance, and pure creation.

When your creative power is connected to the 5th Dimension of Consciousness (Christ Consciousness), you can manifest your desires with greater potency and speed.

This Activation allows you to:

– Let go of your lack and limitation mentality and move into an abundance mindset.
– Release old patterns of negative self-talk, such as *“I don’t have the resources.”* or *“There’s no way it will work.”*
– Unplug from the consciousness of suffering and scarcity and turn your focus to abundance, health, peace, love, and happiness.

This Activation also gives you the knowledge that you are the ultimate powerful creator of your life and your world, that the creative power you need to attract, manifest, and create your truest best life is already within you.

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